Lockdown adds to distress of forest tribes facing development challenges

For Adivasis in Panna Tiger Reserve, lockdown and ensuing lack of financial resources add to the persisting multiple challenges, as they struggle to sustain themselves. Panna in Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh has a very unique and diverse ecosystem. Amidst abundant forest cover, the tribal community inhabiting this region faces Read More


The Gond tribes, custodians of agro-biodiversity in central India, have traditionally grown millets that are suited to local climate and terrain. The dying practice needs revival and encouragement “We don’t know how everyone stopped growing kodo and kutki. My father used to grow them when I was a child. Then Read More

Looking into the maternal and child health data of Panna, MP. What it does and does not reveal.

The Sample Registration System (SRS) categorises the states of India into three specific groups – the Empowered Action Group (EAG) states, the southern states and the other states – to study the status of maternal mortality in India. The first study was conducted from 1997-2003. Two followups have happened ever Read More

Rehabilitated to the Panna Tiger Reserve in 2005, the Dala Community Faces Eviction

The Dala community of Panna district in Madhya Pradesh, living on the edge, quite literally, of the world-famous Panna Tiger Reserve, are a forgotten people. This story has a beginning in 2005, when the south-west monsoons caused disastrous floods across Madhya Pradesh and parts of Uttar Pradesh, leaving Panna and Read More